25 thoughts on “England 2-1 Hungary – Steven Gerrard scores both goals

  1. Why r u so amazed that gerrard scored 2 goals u call that amazing ,this
    happened only once 

  2. They should have built the England team around Gerrard when they had the

  3. “And people say that Gerrard does not perform for his country?”

    What matters is – he needs to do this when it REALLY MATTERS – in a World
    Cup Quarter Final or Euro Quarter Final against TOP RANK opposition – i.e.
    the likes of Italy, Germany, Brazil, Spain, etc.

    And – by and large – he hasn’t.

    Those were good goals – but – Hungary are not exaclty “top rank” opposition
    and a friendly is not “when it really matters” is it?

    This is what separates the likes of England from the top six or seven
    nations in the world. Making big league plays on big league occasions.

    And for the past 40 years England has conspicuously failed to do that –
    Gerrard is one of many responsible.

    He can do it for Liverpool so why can;t he do it for England?

  4. in this game, zamora did more than heskey’s contribution to the national
    team in 10 years

  5. @triangleshapedcheese do you remember when spain fucked an army 6 times
    bigger in cartageana de indias? no? Vernon cried like a baby XD. don´t talk
    about history you don´t know.

  6. should be 2-0 but hey even though fifa is so rich they still cant afford
    goal line technology

  7. I’d like to see Gerrard in a false nine role up top with Walcott stretching
    playing on the right, Rooney comes in from the left, Lampard as the
    attacking midfielder behind Gerrard, and Carrick alongside Barry as two
    defensive midfielders. This puts Lampard and Gerrard the free roles they’re
    good in, Rooney can sneak in to goalscoring spots when Gerrard drags away
    defenders, Walcott uses speed to get down the line, and we have three
    central players to keep the ball, which was a problem.

  8. This commentary is awful. It sounds like a ramdom guy speaking in his
    living room, over the top of the video.

  9. @FireBeast4X I never said Zamora was better than Defoe, I was just clearly
    stating pushing Gerrard further forward inbehind a lone striker gives him
    the freedom to control our game!

  10. @divenutslincoln I’m Irish (born in england live in Ireland) and yes the
    irish do hate England.

  11. im a chelsea fan and yes we need to drop lampard and i think we should
    bring in wilshere

  12. And people say that Gerrard does not perform for his country? And that he
    doesn’t care about playing for England? Look at the way he celebrated when
    he scored an equalizer in a friendly, and then people say he doesn’t care
    about playing for his country.

  13. @HSW1212 Would be england’s best since seaman i guess. ok i will have a
    look at this guy.

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