25 thoughts on “England 2010 Football World Cup Squad – The Final 23

  1. @AI2RTIFICIAL We’re not complaining about heskey himself. We’re complaining
    about the fact that Capello left out a predator in Darren Bent, and decided
    to choose Heskey instead. A striker is someone who is supposed to score
    goals. Simple. Darren Bent can offer the attacking pedigree that Heskey

  2. @BritAU2TH OK. Messi is shit. That’s my new opinion. Everyone disagrees
    with me, but that’s my opinion. I have nothing to back this “opinion” up, I
    just stand alone in my way of thinking. I know I’m wrong, but I’ll try to
    avoid vanquish by saying, “I am entitled to voice my opinion.” And now, in
    a downward spiral of my argument, I’ll start calling people “big-headed”
    and tell them to ‘accept my opinion or stop using YouTube.’ I have nothing
    more to say to you. Good day.

  3. @anillondon89 You should look more into the root causes of your issues and
    I very much doubt has anything to do with a symbol which can have a number
    of changing meanings on a flag otherwise every nation would be changing
    their flags.

  4. I just can’t understand how Heskey gets in the team and Bent doesn’t. That
    really baffles me.

  5. @LeonSKennedy828 Yes. don’t worry though…there’s always knitting or
    britains got talent for the likes of you….

  6. @AI2RTIFICIAL This is about more than team chemistry. I know it’s important
    that the football is fluid between the players, but England don’t have the
    same problems Villa had. England has MUCH more quality in the side, so it
    isn’t really necessary for Heskey to be there. With Rooney injury-prone, we
    are left with Defoe only (as an all-out striker). Crouch is a hold-up
    player, and Heskey is, Well, I don’t know. Point being, if shit hits the
    fan, we could do with a backup striker as good as Bent.

  7. @BritAU2TH Rooney was almost top scorer of the Premier League! Also, don’t
    say he gets “pissed off then sent off” (after the infamous Portugal
    incident). Rooney has calmed down a LOT since his son was born. He was even
    interviewed about it and said he wanted to set an example. Capello could
    have DEFINITELY made a better decision. Heskey out, Bent in. It’s pretty
    simple. And I like how you changed your view so happily, from saying Heskey
    is a vital part of team chemistry to a “waste of a shirt”.

  8. You dwell on one world cup, you are lucky to have got this far, what 2
    goals in total. WAKE UP ENGLAND AND GET SOME XANAX. We will take you down
    and dispatch you back to your pathetic home

  9. @BritAU2TH Coped well enough? Last season they didn’t win the league OR
    Europe. Doesn’t sound like “coping well enough” to me for the (then
    reigning) champions…

  10. @BritAU2TH Haha so if the entire German team came over and gained
    citizenship – you’d be happy to dress them up in a England kit and watch
    them proudly play ha – and you worry about me wanting to change the england
    flag when it actual fact they should be playing under a UN flag!! 35% are
    non-english ethnically haha but then of course english when it comes to

  11. Fuck off rag heads! The English flag is Christian, OUR religion so insted
    of changing the flag (like fuck we would) why don’t you fuck off back to
    you own country where your religion is based? This country is being made
    worse by the dirty complaining bastard’s.

  12. @BritAU2TH Thats because European massacred the natives – not a very good
    example really – can you name a country not destroyed by euroeans that is
    the same as the USA team?

  13. @milesK12 I dont have a problem with the UK having a number of flags, I
    have a problem with England flag because I live here and the Union Flag
    because its thepolitical flag of our country.

  14. @BritAU2TH Ferdinand is poor positionally-wise? Do you know anything about
    football? Agreed, he isn’t able to play that much because of constant
    injuries, but at fitness, he is arguably one of the best defenders in the
    world! And a fantastic captain too (even John Terry admits to Ferdinand’s
    captaining qualities and game focus). Lampard does need to shine. As does
    Dawson. I don’t think Rooney is the “only driving force” upfront, because
    Defoe is an excellent striker too.

  15. @anillondon89 One other thing don’t ever question me about English history
    I know more about England’s history than my own English brothers do for
    instance the royal family are German in heritage the name Winsor was
    changed in WWII from the name Hanover due to anti German sentiment. I can
    tell you every single era, cultural, religious and historical change from
    Celtic times all the way upto today and I am proud of that.

  16. @BritAU2TH well the rest of the world is largely playing with their own
    players whereas England is using the rest of the worlds players too – like
    that other idiot said earlier – you might as well just give nationality to
    the very best african and asian players – dress the up in the kit and send
    them off, whats the difference – i bet none of them know anything about
    england – they are there for the money!! lol to be honest – i dont give a
    shit cause you’ll lose anyway…

  17. @anillondon89 Doesn’t matter England still majority English mate and also
    England isn’t the only country here you have Wales, Scottland and Ireland
    maybe you should ask those guys if they would change their flags while your
    at it, oh but you don’t have a problem with them even tho they have pretty
    much done the same as us especially the colonial days where your statements
    of barbarism may hold some weight and all that was done under the Union

  18. @BritAU2TH like I say, I cant be proud of it – how do you make your
    nationality and ethnicity down on an official form? (humour me)

  19. the chemistry is ok but the moral will be englands downfall trus me beckham
    was a massive moral gain to england and now we lost ferdinand so… i duno
    if we can even reach semi cuz england has the talent but most of the
    players there play individually so i hope we win but its unlikely

  20. WTF???fucking scoucers allways taking the easy way like jamie carragher
    thinks he can just walk his way into the squad 2 games befor the world cup
    possibly costing someone else who has worked hard the last 2 years helping
    england progress to the cup a place in the squad.What doas he do to help
    us??play shit and get band fucking lil prick.

  21. @milesK12 haha so the Queen is of German descent – yet your team is English
    yeah? – ha see this country needs immigrants because if you took the
    africans out the team probably wouldnt even have qualified for the world
    cup would it!!

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