25 thoughts on “England 4-2 Italy: Cyprus Cup 2013

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  2. Ok if you guys all hate women’s football so much why are you watching it? Go and waste your hurtful comments somewhere else other than on great people who have earned the right to represent their country

  3. Womens Football is so frustrating to watch, with England its very much kick and hope football, they dont kick the ball to the player….they kick it to the vicinity of the player and hope they get it, they make the wrong decisions…. all the time…..as for defence, well, maybe one day they’ll get one…….useless manager i’m afraid.

  4. not trying to be sexist here women have got the tactically game with football most time better then men but the power and speed is what makes the men football and women different in popularity for me anyway

  5. I think everyone should realise, tht especially for the England team, that this is basically preseason for them. They all play in the superleague which hasnt started yet, and with mens teams, they never play as good football in preseason. Plus italy aren’t an amazing opposition.

  6. One of the best things about the women’s game is the players integrity and sportsmanship when playing. The men could learn a lot from them.

  7. Just can’t understand why some people hate women’s football, some football played in this video is actually better than the football played by some men…

  8. England v USA women. 90, 000..

    1hr later

    England v USA men.
    Same evening game.
    90, 000 crowd.

    Problem solved.

  9. The Fa are stupid. Why don’t they just play the fixture in the same staduims a couple hours before the mens games . ?.

    Ready audiance increase d promotion. More profile.

    Syncrhronise the 2 games same evening.

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