25 thoughts on “England 5 – 1 Croatia – World Cup 2010 Qualifier

  1. It feels England did better 2002 then they did 2010, maybe they were feeling cocky or something.

  2. THE WORLD CUP WAS OVER FOR ME WHEN ENGLAND GOT OUT I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHO WERE IN THE FINAL .. I LIVE NEXT TO A PUB AND TO BE HONEST I ALOT OF GLASSES GOT SMASHED AS WELL AS T.V’s and within a few minutes all my neighbours put down the england flagg thank god i didnt pput a flag up in the first place..

  3. That was Grrreeeat. To watch the whole 3:40 without a commentator.  Just the English fans screaming their lungs out only once for the croatian fans o.O

  4. Guys im not being funny this is the honest truth the defending for all these goals was terrible it was down to absolutely incredible attacking football by England.

  5. capello did a huge mistake by taking wright phillips to the world cup..he should of taken theodor walcott and aaron lennon

  6. hey england maybe we (germany ) wouldnt have won 4:1 in the wordcup if green had been the goalkeeper he is better than james he only makes a mistake against usa. Perhaps England is better 2012 euro….

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