25 thoughts on “England Euro 2012 Football Song “SAME OLD ENGLAND”

  1. I love this vid because it’s so light-hearted & down to earth. Best England vid on youtube because everyone in it is just so chilled out & cool. I’ll be cheering for Eire though.

  2. im sure you cant score a penalty in a big big game theres lots of pressure you know

  3. This song has been written for the Euro 2012, soon to be available to download on itunes, all proceeds are going to this fantastic charity – Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital.

  4. Cheers and same to you guys ! and best of luck to you guys also ! But if we play ye well were going to win haha no hard thoughts 😀

  5. I will b supporting the Irish when they play…………unless thy play England of course :))

  6. Hey England , Hey England , Irelands going to win :p wait and see just wait and see 😀

  7. absolutely brilliant im sharing on twitter and telling the kids at work .. greatvid great tune 5 stars badzy magazine

  8. I’ve shared it on my FB page and also put it up on the Heart FM FB page, hope you don’t mind, I you do then I will remove it

  9. I’ve shared it and also up it on the Heart FM Facebook age, hope you don’t mind. If you do then I’ll remove it

  10. This is absolute quality, superb song and superb video. I really hope it goes along way!!

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