5 thoughts on “England Euro 2012 Song Video – Dream of a nation by Dijital Bomb.wmv

  1. Hi Everyone, the album is now available on iTunes and Amazon right now. If you enjoy this demo, please purchase the full track which is supporting a local charity Compton Hospice. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations to Roy Hodgson on his appointment as England Manager!!!! Come on England!

  3. Firstly, thanks lots for your comments and taking the time to listen – its greatly appreciated. I understand entirely your comment but purposefully stayed away from this as I wanted to do something different. The question i’d ask is how many actual footballs songs are actually heard being sung on the terraces? There are maybe 2 or 3. So I tried to write something people liked the sound of, and wasn’t tacky. Whether I acheived it is another thing altogether, you decide!! Cheers Dijital Bomb.

  4. Clever idea, some nice synth sounds, my only criticism would be that it’s not one you can really sing a long to on the terraces, which I feel is key for a footy song and in turn may limit your audience slightly. Other than that it’s not bad! Looking forward to hearing your album.

  5. New album – Break the Silence, is only a few weeks away now – Another U tube track will be available, on its release. Cheers

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