25 thoughts on “England Euro 2012 – Welbeck shows Carroll how it’s done!

  1. You guys and your damn games while the world burns and you do nothing,yeah. That is the truth of why our messed up world is now what it is,soccer matters,life?,right and wrong?,our children’s future?>Ahh why scrap about that nonsense right. Your all idiots and I’m not one to lash out like that to others but it’s the truth of it,now go back to your cell’s,shit Tellie’s and what ever destracts your now dumbed downed asses .

  2. That sky sports guy is just jealous cos he’s a baldy southerner. He didn’t show the ones where Carroll actually scored. Or that belter of a shot he did during their training session before the Belgium game.

  3. it’s not that strange to do that, though, if for example a liverpool player (since i’m a man utd supporter) plays and he does good, I’m a happy man. Or like Lescott from City, he played well and scored, I’m happy with that 🙂

  4. can’t stand club fans who only see the England team as a way to showcase who has the best players. Welbeck and Carroll are both talented young players with a bright future, and i don’t support either mufc or lfc, so stop with this petty bickering

  5. You clearly haven’t watched enough of United/Welbeck, otherwise you wouldn’t dream of claiming such rubbish – his first touch is one of his best qualities (of which there are many). Regardless, he is far more consistent and reliable than Carroll.

  6. Are you kidding me, his first touch is one of his best qualities. I’ve watched him since he was in the under 18’s and his first touch is superb. I’m honestly surprised you would say something like that.

  7. his first touch on the ball is poor which is something you don’t really learn over time, world class technique is something you’re born with, look at Berbatov for example, he makes it look effortless

  8. Why not? he is already great as a player, just missing a bit on the finishing. Strikers like Drogba was nothing special until he was 24 or 25, but look where he went from there!

  9. I’m surprised your mum gave birth to you, thought she might not have liked her arranged marriage

  10. Keown – “Danny Welbeck put in a really mature performance, which was a credit to his club Manchester United and the way they have brought him up. His movement was excellent and he played intelligently, running into space and holding up the ball well. France’s centre-halves Philippe Mexes and Adil Rami will have known they have been in a game.”

  11. Shearer – “Danny Welbeck was giving the back four all sorts of problems,” Shearer told BBC Sport. “He ran in behind, coming short, turning Philippe Mexes and using his pace . . . I would say Welbeck was our man of the match.”

  12. You are not exactly a fan then. LEARN to support your own teams player because it is only going to benefit them and make them better and better.

    Honestly i like the Manchester United fans because they back their players no matter what. De Gea was having couple of bad games at the start and they still continued to back him and now he is top class. FANS LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICK. Dont even call yourself a liverpool fan…you are a disgrace to the club.

  13. ONLY a liverpool fan would have the audacity to insinuate that Carroll comes close to Welbeck, while the rest of the country hopes that Roy Hodgson isn’t stupid enough to actually use Donkey Carroll.

  14. LCP – that’s not how the media who were present are reporting it. All news that I’ve both read and seen yesterday & today has favourable accounts of Welbeck’s performance and they are tipping him to start on Monday.

    I hope Danny has a great tournament!

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