12 thoughts on “England Football Song – Forever England – We Are… Paradise On Purple

  1. @Gwladysboy
    Hey England Fans of East Germany – thought it was all one Germany, thanks for listening to the song. Hope its gets better than last night against Algeria. Good luck to you all and thanks… Nathan P

  2. Great Song,

    Funniest song of Football World Cup 2010, have a look at Sweet England by the Combovers. A great rework of the Dambusters Theme tune…

  3. more professional but not nearly as catchy as Three Brians ‘We are England’

  4. I have that same Kramer! Although it has a rare banana headstock instead of the standard headstock.

    England forever!

  5. Type in “We Invented the Game #1” to see and listen to a class England Song.

  6. Thanks 1teaminse It means alot – thanks, have a great season – Nathan P

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