13 thoughts on “England football songs for Euro 2012 – Bring it Home to Engerland – Bert and Stan

  1. wey hey. thats more like it, good old knees song, better than a lot of the dross semi professional songs out there

  2. if the england team show the sam passion as these kids they will the cup great job lads, ps i have a good home studio ?

  3. Sorry but that was completely inaproppriate, my kids were disgraced. Tip: jump off a cliff.

  4. far be it for me to criticise I was only jesting I thought the whole thing was really fantastic and best I have heard to date, hope it wins!!!

  5. Thank you for your comments. You’re right the sound quality isn’t perfect. We recorded it on a camcorder in one take in our home! We would have loved to have access to a top quality recording studio!

  6. Top job lads, lyrics are ace the guitar player must be using an old biscuit tin with some fishing wire stretched over!!

  7. How cute are they bless them great job and i bet stanley dances just like his dad lol good luck boys x

  8. Has the dude on the left been at the Medicine cabinet?
    If they get famous and you need to rent a sound system and staging … call us ;)

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