24 thoughts on “England National Football Song

  1. This should be the official world cup song for england, the FA should take notice instead of making songs that sound like Kevin Keegan from the 70s official songs. When are these wankers going to get up to date. Never!!!!

  2. What a waste of a great song, England are fucking useless. Write a song for the Germans next time.

  3. I am a national newspaper journalist; the people that are responsible for this song are two brothers and a northern lad.
    They are all passionate England fans. They made this song to support England. Get behind them and support your country.

  4. I think that word you are looking for is Nobs as opposed to Noob’s.
    Having said that, you could be extremely posh, in which case you would read the Thames newspaper and sail your yacht down the River Times.:-))

  5. You got it one, loud mouth Yank who cant even speak English, Check him out hes a Bible Basher.The guy singing this song is brilliant.

  6. Eng-a-lie- Eng-a-lie- Eng-a-lie :-))) Great song, great singer. Angels 77100 is having problems with his hearing out there in the USA. 🙂

  7. ”Miles away from home…Eng-a-lie”?? That’s what it sounds like this guy is singing. Can’t he pronounce England or something? You’d think they’d at least get someone who can speak English instead of this Micky Bullen guy who is completely rubbish & can’t even sing England!

  8. This track is available to download on Amazon
    CLC Feat Micky Bullen
    “Miles away from Home” (England)

  9. As a true passionate Englishman……not liking song guys 🙁

    Think Kammy’s song is better if im honest

  10. Asia for the Asian people…
    Africa for the Africa people…
    White countries for EVERYBODY?

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  11. Hey Come to our channel and check out VIVA ENGLAND plus the EXTRA TIME VERSION which is in black and white and played at twice the speed!! VIVA ENGLAND!!!! Proceeds to the Homeless World Cup and the England Homeless FA.

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