25 thoughts on “England – Official Football Highlights | FATV – England 2-3 Holland Goals and Official Highlights 29/2/12

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  2. Isn’t that an Italian style? Catenaccio is a name for very defensive play. Chelsea are continuing the tradition. And even then, it’s for 3 games. Don’t expect them to be like that next season.

  3. Chelsea aren’t the only team that play like that, and they only used those tactics in about 3 games the whole season.

  4. holland is south side of holland

    holland (the netherlands)

    its not a country 🙂

  5. trust me , by the look of your username you have nothing to be threatened by england but maybe holland =)

  6. If that was A.cole defending that last goal against robben, wouldn’t have been a goal. Baines is fucking useless, yet he still beats A.Cole into the team of the season each year.

  7. Well in 2010 there was a recorded 4.2 million immigrants in this country out of the 60 million+ population so you are taking this way out of proportion. We are a long way off of being outnumbered in this country.

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