25 thoughts on “England V Italy Euro 2012 Quarter Finals 24/06/2012 (Predictor Highlights)

  1. “Comment may be held for uploader approval” Something tells me that Google have been taking up the backside from the British Government.

  2. quit slagging our country off on the internet, and stop licking the ass of every Italian on here. Move to Sicily if you feel more at home there…no one is stopping you from leaving. you mug.

  3. well will see after thursday…. the only way i see we will go out will be in penaltys
    but will see
    rembers Germans fear italians, its on there DNA

  4. ahuauhauahauahuahauahuaauahuahauhauahuahauahuahauahauhauahauhauahauahauhauahauahauahauahauahauahauhauahauahauhauahauahuahauahuahauahauahauahuahauahuahauahuahauhauahauhauahauahuahauahauhauahauhauahauhauahuahuahauahauahuahau

  5. Winners of 1934 World Cup, 1938 World Cup, 1982 World Cup and 2006 World Cup..

  6. I love english women and italian women but I like more the italian women coz they are more decents and clean..

  7. Sorry mate, Italy is not good enough to beat Germany…they would have beaten England 3 or 4-0…Italy will suffer the same fate…

  8. italians have beaten germans 7 of 8 times and one draw in major tournaments, each game it a different history but just saying… Italians wont be easy at all

  9. Oh well this game was pretty much a consolation match too see who’ll lose against Germany.

  10. italy is a shit team they scraped through by the skin on their teeth lol if they cant even score agains us in 2 hours then germany are going to rape their greasy pissa chomping asses lol

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