25 thoughts on “England v Ukraine 1-1 official highlights: Road To Rio World Cup Qualifier

  1. just think, if that penalty was missed and ended 1-0 Ukraine, Ukraine would
    be in the world cup and england would have had to play in the play-offs,
    yes that did not happen but it shows that England HAVE to improve if they
    are to have no scary moments in the world cup qualifiers for 2018

  2. Now this is one game where the entire team looked like going for the win…
    Brilliant interplay … Keep it up England….WC 2014 is yours for the

  3. England got lots of chances but they just did not score
    If they got all the balls that is easy to kick in
    It might be6-1

  4. any idiot who honestly thinks that the ref made all the right calls needs
    to stop watching football. England hit the post maybe 3 or 4 times and
    should have scored two others and had a goal disallowed.

  5. I cant understand our England footballers who always tries with referee. In
    my opinion, this Turkish referee managed this match successfully, also I
    think, all of his decisions were true. şaka şaka Türküm. Cüneyt Hocayı
    savunalım biz de :))

  6. Orospu Çocuğu İngiltere Çineyt Çakıra bahane bulacağına o kadar 100 de 100
    lük pozisyon yakalamışsın atsaydın anasını siktimin ingilteresi bahane
    bulma kendi mallına berabere kalmışsın ilk başta defoe de faul yapmış zaten
    eliyle tokat atmış adama

  7. hate english commentators when they commentate an england game. they think
    england are the best when really they are just complete shit, no offence to
    any other english people. (im english)

  8. Sakin ol şampuan ben Cüneyt Çakır’ı savunuyorum. O lafı da aynen sana iade

  9. penaltı yanlış, gerrard’ın atılması yanlış amk. sik gibi maç yönetmiş
    cüneyt, adamlar haklı.

  10. 32 yaşına gelmiş Gerrard Reyizin ilk kırmızısını Cüneyt Çakır’dan alacağı
    belliydi amk.

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