25 thoughts on “England vs Wales 1-0 Euro 2012 Qualifiers All Goals Highlights

  1. there are a bunch of talented player in england… wondering why Capello cant get things right. he should have bring some player from Eng U21

  2. spain is a team, so is germany, england has great individuals but they’re not a team. I think thats the difference, plus iniesta (the best) and xavi as midfielders

  3. damn england u can play much better than that!!!!!
    i dno wats ur prob with wembly ,,,
    i wish they do better in the coming matches

  4. England can’t play at Wembley, I’m just glad we’re away for the Montenegro game

  5. Lamps is done..Milner and Barry are rubbish…
    Why wasnt Cleverly given a chance?…

  6. ashely young n steward downing tried to kiss n dn realised oh wait we’re rivals now man united n liverpool

  7. Any good team that forces England to play down the middle are almost certain to beat England. Still amazing how Downing cost 20 million.

  8. I just don’t understand how Capello can’t put together a team to match spain, the talent England have individually is rediculous

  9. Didn’t see the match, but if this was representative of the game, England thrashed the Welsh (as you’d expect) in all aspects but the final touch. Most other days, this would have been 4-1 which reflects the difference between the teams.

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