13 thoughts on “England’s Football Fans Need Your Help – World Cup 2010

  1. Bloody England SHIT. I support England since the days I am a MU fan. Now, I am beginning to wake up and smell the coffee! I am not English, but my loyalty for all these years (12 to be exact) is truely disappointed by whiny pack of lambs representing England. Three Lions? Lions for Lambs I think!

  2. I would argue that coming from a man who has uploaded no content of his own, with two favourites that consist of a video about a barcode reader and another with some of the lamest waves in the known universe should probably avoid sharing his thoughts with everyone bar his moronic friends.

    You’re so angry, but so much of your post is vitriol with no kind of real explanation or analysis – It’s a spoof ad. Also, you say Naff off – seriously? Must try harder. Good effort though…

  3. Obviously made by a person of mild mental retardation; having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having little communication and social skills – enabling ‘some’ degree of academic or vocational education – but just enough to make this shite attempt at advertising. NaffOffKnobJockey.

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