24 thoughts on “Football Is Our History (2010 England World Cup Song) – The Marzipan Soldiers

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  2. ok what the bloody hell happened? we should have won that bleedin cup, i could just mash up robert green for wanking on the goal work, spain won the cup and i am in the worst night mare ever. i have never cried so much since i was a child.

  3. Kinda funny. It is reallly funny how highly loved is in England and how England tries to sell themselves at being the best at soccer and they never win World Cups, except 1, and couldn’t even qualify for the European Champions Tournament and couldn’t even win Group C behind the fat, lazy, diabetic, Cheeseburger loving, cowboy, Americans

  4. the song that won best ENGLAND WORLD CUP SONG 2010 = COME ON ENGLAND LETS ALL STAND TOGETHER — but this is alright too

  5. singing songs doesnt get you world cup chammys. talking as much smack as possible does. SMACK OFF! GO!

  6. Look up ‘Football Is Our History’ on iTunes and you can buy a version of this song…i was well happy with that! I think it’s on amazon too!

  7. Look up ‘Football Is Our History’ on iTunes and you can buy a version of this song…i was well happy with that! I think it’s on amazon too!

  8. lol funny guy i never said you can’t chat about football/soccer just objected to your comment about our history thats what i meant when I said not to talk about something you didnt know about,seeing as you got
    Granted past tournament records have been pretty shit for us, it will be a good game and i’m sure whichever team wins if you play well you will gain respect anyway.

  9. even if we beat you we’d just be better that day and not better overall at this moment in time but that’s what it will take for us to earn the football worlds respect..one upset and step up the ladder at a time and yeah I know nothing about football, how dare i chat with Englishmen about football I mean soccer…the audacity of me …lol.

  10. ok whatever, kind of proves my point really, you are talking about our records when you have just admitted you are developing.
    Even if you beat us it doesn’t mean you are better than us, as well as beating us once well done. I admit USA are a side who could cause us an upset but you should be wary of us also not chatting about something you clearly know nothing about

  11. you were right but we’re just developing our football team and history..time will tell…o and just for arguments sake..we are 1-0 v England..lol….5 more days…we’ll get to settle it on the pitch…Go USA and then Go England vs Algeria and Slovenia…lol

  12. Yours is full of first round defeats and lack of qualifying for the world cup. If you are going to come and talk about a team’s history at least make sure your team’s record is better otherwise you will get flamed

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