25 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012 – England (Three Beavers) Part 8 – Final v Portugal

  1. Well here is a suggestion in´╗┐ 10 years, win the European cup consecutive times with Nottingham forest just as Brian Clough did before, and… you are only allowed 3 foreign players! Would love to see this Good Stuff BTW <3

  2. Also,Mick if you have time to read this comment i would appreciate your help on any fm save i have,i do well 1st season sign players´╗┐ etc then 2nd season starts off horibble any advice mate?.Thanks:)

  3. no bother mate,good´╗┐ to see you tried something new and completed your task… but this might give you the confidence to attempt the WC:) i have a series with vauxhall motors there in the bluesquare north i won them the league in season1 also their 1st piece of silverware! in the 2nd season BS prem,looking to take them to the prem then see what happens:) and watch my rep grow on fm

  4. People really wanna´╗┐ see the World Cup be attempted don’t they? lol Wow. Cheers pal.

  5. Jagielka wrote himself into´╗┐ the history books with one BOOSH of his head lol, cheers mate.

  6. Quality Vid, Quality End, Just gunna throw this in there;
    How about you play World Cup, then go into club management because then the Teams will´╗┐ be slighty different by then:)

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