24 thoughts on “Inspirational England football video || Euro 2012 no more || We still believe (motivational)

  1. That video has made the grieving process easier, made me realize we took some big strides this tournament and i am proud to be English and i willl always have faith in the English national football team, god save the queeen

  2. had millions thrown at them for doing f–k all i wouldnt pay them in washers
    hamburger and chip muncher rooney wants to take note of the superfit spanish side

  3. “We did well to get this far”
    We only managed to beat Sweden and Ukraine, that’s nothing to be overly proud of…

  4. why are you angry, is it because your country is falling to bits,,poor bastards

  5. an irishman with an expert veiw on football, no such thing im afraid, just you concentrate on your faggot gaelic football, you know the one where the stupid bastards pick the ball up with their hands,,, people always told me the Irish were thick.

  6. Competition after competition after 1966 they’ve let us down time and time again.

  7. i dried my eyes halfway through group stages, cause im irish and i was only giving my expert view on the match,not that you care ,your obviously only a kid,but we shall see how the germans deal with pirlo and co!

  8. your not having that because you are a stereotypical english faggot…. pirlo made your overpaid overrated potenial rapists look like a fucking pub team, dry your eyes you fucking chav, its all over…hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  9. THATS BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO FUCKING AMBITION, face it, you are so far behind the rest its actually embarresssing…italy made you look like a pub team, hahaha hanging on for dear life for 120 minutes… pirlo coul have beat you on his own.. oh well at least you have the best league in the world,,heheh snigger snigger giggle giggle

  10. Well as long as we get further than Wales, Republic Of Ireland and Scotland (which happens every time) I’ll be as sound as a pound. ;D

  11. Not having go but the way England played against Italy was basically a disgrace and a dam shame on the pl,giving the ball away and not closing down,just dropping off and dropping off ,no tackles no desire to win the ball back,basic football went out the window ,they looked like they were dead on there legs,Italy were flattered ,everyone saying Italy outplayed them and pirlo is amazing,no chance am i having that ,England just gave up,we will see how Italy get on against the Germans!!!!

  12. 4-3-3 is the way forward for England. Like the Arsenal play in that formation.

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