24 thoughts on “Sweden v England 4-2 Pitchside Highlights | England 14/11/12

  1. two countries that will soon die as a result of the islamic trojan horse.
    i liked sweden.
    i liked england.

    but im happy i live in israel

  2. 4:20 At the second goal Zlatan said to the poor lad
    “Dont worry, I´ll make two more goals!”……………….”oh! my shoe´s are untied!”

  3. 3:08 Johnson think it’s funny Olsson trying to get the corner.. I thought that was the only “pitchside highlight” worthwhile.
    I thought it was fun to see, and Johnson’s reaction was intresting. He probably knows Olsson from the Premier League. Olsson is supposedly one of the hardest players to play against(lack of the word). He is supposedly a cunt to all his opponents all the time during the game.

  4. Thing is, Welbeck & Cleverley get in the squad for the WC qualifiers as well. If they played for a mid table team they wouldn’t get in the England squad.

  5. How Sterling, Cleverley, Welbeck & Zaha got in the England squad I’ll never know. None of them are even close to being good enough.

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