England has only won 1 penalty shootout since 1990 and that was back in 1996 when England played against Spain in the quarter-finals of the Euro of that year. That would be the last time that the Englishmen managed on claiming a victory.

From there on out, England has been eliminated from 6 major tournaments all of which were during penalty kicks with one of their most recent one being their match against Italy at the 2012 Euro and Hodgson wants this outcome to never repeats itself which is why the head coach of England will be taking a sport psychologist to Brazil.

Dave Reddin is a former World Cup winning rugby union coach and Hodgson is hoping that he can tap into the expertise in sport psychology in order to avoid any further negative results specifically during any possible penalty shootouts that may occur during the 2014 World Cup.

“I think there’s another possibility, we should be encouraging players to know their penalty, to practice that penalty. When you practice penalties within your group the goalkeeper knows the players, so maybe we won’t do it with a goalkeeper’’.

“Maybe we’ll have target area No1 and target area No2 and we’ll insist the player hits those targets. There are a lot of things that can be done but the bottom line is always going to be there’ll be players who are less confident than others’’.

“It’s a matter of how we assure ourselves that when those players go up they are as well prepared as they can be. In the final analysis it will be their character, their confidence and their ability to block out tomorrow morning’s headlines.” Hodgson said.

Hodgson will be revealing the list of players that will not be travelling with him to Brazil after he takes all of the necessary preparations with his team and conclude their upcoming friendly match against Denmark.