Jack Wilshere problems after Drinking and Smoking

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has had problems involving drinking and smoking which has caused Arsene Wenger on having to step up and establish meetings with the English player regarding his actions.

“The smoking? Of course I regret it. I’ve been seen before doing it. I said then I made a mistake and I have made a mistake again.People make mistakes.I’m young and I’ll learn from it. I realize the consequences it has and the effect on kids growing up. I have kids myself and I don’t want them growing up to think their dad smokes and it’s OK for a footballer to smoke because it’s not.’’ That was one of the statements released by Wilshere as he expressed his regrets.

After Wilshere said those things, it was believed that Jack Wilshere had stopped doing those harmful things such as drinking and smoking but a few weeks ago some pictures were leaked to the internet which displayed Wilshere with a shisha pipe in a nightclub as the player was still recovering from an ankle surgery that he sustained some time ago.

It has become more than clear that Arsene Wenger is not happy with these actions of Jack Wilshere but there are some managers that have actually admitted in saying that Wilshere’s lifestyle is no problem for them and this is the case of England’s Roy Hodgson. (more…)


England manager Fabio Capello has been dealt with the major blow with the news that Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere could miss the rest of the season and consequently the Euro 2012 as well.

Jack has been out of the Arsenal first team at the surgery performed on his knee in order to cure the stress fracture. He was initially expected to come back into the first-team during January, but an unexpected setback in his recovery process has now meant that it is very much unlikely that Jack Wilson will be back by March. The Arsenal medical team have confirmed that Jack Wilshere will not be available until March at the earliest.

This would leave Jack Wilshere with very little time to impress manager Fabio Capello when it comes to the squad selection for the Euro 2012, which is being held in Poland and Ukraine. Jack Wilshere was thought to be making good progress on his rehabilitation.

However, the Arsenal medical team suddenly noticed pain in his right knee, and have decided to take the precautionary measures in order to prevent future problems with the knee. Jack Wilshere said on Twitter that it is very much up to the medical team to determine the return date to the first-team.

“If you had told me that Jack would not have played one game by February I would have said: ‘That’s impossible’. Especially I like to have a left-footed player in midfield. We miss that little burst from Jack. How do you say in English? Gutted,” Wenger said.

England manager Capello has been looking to mould the England national team around Jack Wilshere, and the Euro 2012 could have been a major step towards doing so. However, as it is, the participation of the young Arsenal midfielder is highly unlikely now.