We’re only a few short weeks into the new Premier League season and pressure is already mounting for some unfortunate teams and managers. Some fans seem to have already decided that Brendan Rodgers isn’t the right man for the Liverpool job, and there seems to be a host of fans and pundits waiting for him to fail. Andre Villas Boas is in a similar position – no wins so far and a chequered managerial past makes him the subject of much media derision.

Liverpool have had a chaotic summer to say the least. They failed in many of their transfer attempts yet managed to offload the majority of their recognised strikers. Kuyt, Bellamy and Carroll have all left leaving Liverpool with only two real recognised strikers.

The failure to land Clint Dempsey poured even more fuel on the growing fire of discontent leaving fans angry with both the board and Brendan Rodgers who has kept a respectable low profile on the issue. Rodgers is generally considered the third favourite to get the sack first with most of the online bookies and uk online casino.

Liverpool have started the season with a crushing defeat against West Brom, a draw against Man City and a comprehensive home defeat against Arsenal. They need to chalk up a win to stop the tension taking hold of an uncertain team. Rodgers could be the man to lead the English football revolution and deserves a good chance, but he needs points on the board so Liverpool can start to play a more natural game.

Andre Villas Boas is another man that the media is waiting to see fail, but to his credit he’s made some excellent signings which have won the praise of the football world; Dempsey is a low profile player who gains great acclaim in the football circles with 21 goals from midfield last season in all competitions. Dembele is a player worthy of any English side; a real midfield dynamo and genuine impact player. Dempsey and Dembele could be the men who save Villas Boas’ career.