25 thoughts on “England Part 3 – Euro 2012 Group B Game 1 vs Russia

  1. fair play but alot of games in a short space of time at his age just pray there is no injures 😀

  2. Wasn’t keen on Smalling. It was between Cahill & King for my 4th CB spot. Just thought Ledley was the man for the job as 3rd, 4th choice.

  3. No worries dude, hey man if it wasn’t for the people that watched your videos and enjoyed the content it wouldn’t be worth it. If someones taken the time out to watch your vid an comment the least the maker can do it reply. Well I think so anyway.

  4. No idea mate, probs will play it tomorrow. An I’ll let you know. Never done international management before this.

  5. Yeh 7 points out of 3 games, easy group but still it’s good. Btw when you play Germany have they got real players, or part-timers with the exact same stats as real German internationals?

  6. Cheers mate, I bought mine from Gamestation the standard way the day it came out lool.

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