24 thoughts on “World Cup Willy = 1966 World Cup Song.

  1. this is is the only thing us English people feel nostalgic about. The Euros will be a disaster just like always despite the fact that we have world class players. sigh.

  2. your jealous that england have acctually qualified for the world cup and that scot song in 1998 was just legend. lol dont come too song basically means dont be too rubbish oh god you should thank him for acctually standing up and singing howmuch scotland suck at football

  3. Well! That’s interesting – I hadn’t heard that until now! Wonder why everyone seems to have forgotten that?

  4. We did NOT cheat! If the linesman’s decision was wrong that wasn’t our fault!

    And for the last time, even if it hadn’t been given we’d still have won 3-2!

    And why are you that bothered anyway? It’s not as if what happened in the final was of any significance to Uruguay!

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