25 thoughts on “England World Cup 2010 – Brian Blessed’s Battle Cry!

  1. Lol and ironically the only nation lifting pieces he made were deliberately pro British.

  2. I love Brian Blesset !! But you guys need to focus on penalties….. Love from Denmark.

  3. just using this to get fired up for the Britain vs Ukraine game
    come on lads lets make something out of it

  4. Ireland could have done with something like this before the game(massacre) against Spain.

  5. We’re shit at football, and we always will be. Best concentrate on sports we’re good at like cricket and rugby 🙂

  6. Now they have to put Blessed in as a dwarf in the Hobbit film next year XD

  7. This gets my blood going. Absolutely love it. Shame about the result, but there’s always next time. That TRLW geeza is obviously a scott. Shame, they didnt even qualify.

  8. This is the full clip as far as Im aware fella – The only one I saw through-out the English campaign anyway.

  9. i remember before the match this was a much longer clip with a lot more people reading pasages, does anyone know where I can find the longer clip?

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