24 thoughts on “Unboxing World cup England Football power boots

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  2. Because it was in the letter from the England team. Watch the video again closely.

  3. Wondering why you would write: “spazzy little legs”? It sounds kind of mean.

  4. Ha ha ha ha!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing! You made my morning again, Rich! Thank you!

  5. cheers phekwig, I’m constantly having to do repairs around this place!!! damn special effects lol 🙂

  6. lol each to their own I spose lol…gotta run..well waddle on me spazzy legs 😉

  7. he he poor ole Fonzy, he got lots of treats for helping out.. Shame he can’t eat them with the head cone he’s got to wear….*jk* :))

  8. I added subtitles, I couldn’t be bothered to re-render it as am busy at the minute so subtitles done :)))

  9. Not being a great football fan I actually got excited about the match yesterday and wanted to watch…hpw disappinted was I (and the nation) LOL 🙂 Fonzy is fine he always lands on his head eerr paws 🙂

  10. They could have done with you yesturday Rich, Or the boots. Poor Fonzy i hope he had a soft landing and a treat.

  11. why cant i comment on your channel?
    and the question i was asking was, what part of england are you from cos i live in? cos i live there too 🙂

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