24 thoughts on “Germany vs England 4-1 World Cup 2010 All Goals

  1. Doesn’t seem like it’s said a lot, but I love being English. In my mind, there are so many things to be proud of! I would list them, but first of all, I don’t have enough characters and second, some anti-english person will come along and just state the bad things we have done/are doing, despite the fact that pretty much every single ‘wealthy’ country has a tainted history and has faults as a nation.


  3. England won WW2?? hahaha the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!! WW2 was the destruction of the British empire, the loss of the top place in the world, and today Britain is the tiny country that is left of the empire with a very weak industry. Overall Britain lost much more in WW2 than germany did, so don’t come tell me that Britain won ww2

  4. Now i don’t agree with people talking about the world war in a football video, but you should get your facts correct. in WW1 Germany had the support of Russia for some part of the war until they backed out due to their own problems. England did not have the support of USA in world war 1 and only from 1941 in WW2. Japan were a rising superpower and in WW2 Germany also had support from several eastern european countries that they had taken over such as Austria-Hungary.

  5. Who cares 4 – 2 what’s the difference these English losers still lost….Tell them to suck in immigrants that’s all they’re good at…They can’t win in soccer, cricket, penalties…wtf can they really win at…

  6. Why were you talking about WAR then before me. You were the first one talking about WAR, if it weren’t for you, I would be commenting about FOOTBALL only.

  7. If you guys were or not, this is FOOTBALL, it has nothing to do with war at all. In FOOTBALL videos, talk about FOOTBALL only, In WAR videos, talk about WAR only. FOOTBALL has nothing to do with WAR.

  8. Yes I agree, because Scotland’s population is 3 million and England more than 60 million, and Scotland defeated England in war. Do you remember William Wallace?

  9. Don’t be stupid, our best soldiers are Scottish, if they go to Argentina there will be too much blood bled. God forbid our soldiers have to die again.

  10. English will always have a love/hate relationship with the Germans. It is hard not to be in love/ In anger with your brother…………… so much competition for mothers love………………

  11. you would be surprised, how much the English love the Germans.  we’re not supposed to say, but secretly we all want to be the same xxxx

  12. I’m guessing the former, I don’t know any of my countrymen who spell it “losser”.

    Argentina can suck our collective balls though because their military sucks ass.

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