25 thoughts on “England 5:1 Germany, world cup qualifier 2001

  1. I’m english watched the entire painful excuse for a game, sorry but we would never have won, two goals or not

  2. the golden generation comes good, michael owen was amazing,scholes and gerrard running midfield even heskey looked good. are you watching rooney you will never be in the same league as this michael owen.

  3. Germany would have lost then, they were falling apart already, only this stupid linesman saved them. They still have this useless defense which nearly produced a loss against Denmark at the Euro and the mess against Sweden. (No stupid anti-England-comments – I am German.)

  4. And both lost to Brazil, England quite unlucky, Germany well deserved. Don’t come up with stupid anti-England-phrases – I am German.

  5. england always relives the past they haven’t done shit since 1966 heyengland whens the last time u made the semi finals hey england when is the last time your overrated football nation ever had an impact thought so

  6. 1-0 down 5-1 up 2 world wars and 1 world cup with a nick nack paddy whack give a dog a bone all you Germans fuck off home!!!

  7. iknow wasent that bad i think we did better than i thought they was going to do… sweeden look pretty strong.

  8. im a brazillian and i support real madrid nothing more nothing less..just sad to see how england are playing rite now

  9. Dream on. World Cup 2010 we’ve taken revenge for that game 2001 and for wembley 1966.
    Germany rules!!! 

  10. lol then wat happed in 2010 and for all u punks that wanna talks shit yes the game wasnt completly fair but not only were germany on form but hell england had trubl america and ghana so stfu

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