25 thoughts on “England World Cup song 2010 – Shout

  1. what was te song that the midget fat people were on i cant remember what it went like but it was quite ofld it was either a football ad or a coke ad ?

  2. “Wales and Scotland, you can turn your televisions back on now” lol – I remember Ant saying that.

  3. i love when dedcs like ” well thats certainly a catchy song, since 2002 ( when “we’re on the ball” was the anthem)..lol. priceless..lol

  4. @blinkalink its not a blatant rip off you tart, the original shout was done by tears for fears with the track entitled so disturbed arent the originators of the song, therefore not ripping disturbed off, if anything those stupid screamers (disturbed) ripped tears for fears off and made the song 100x worse than it was

  5. A blatant rip off of Disturb’s song ‘Shout 2000’… I’m… I’m shocked. Is this even allowed??

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