25 thoughts on “World Cup 2010: Brick-by-brick fussball – England 1-4 Germany

  1. The following remarks are entirely sarcasm.

    Classic England team. Why should we care about these guys, when Team GB (which England is part of) has just won a load of gold medals in both Olympics and Paralympics.

    Great Britain doing pretty well at Tennis and Formula 1.

    What is the point in supporting England Football Team?
    Lots of hype, lots of dissapointment.

    Lots of scandals and embarassing behaviour.

    I have alternatives for spectator sport.

  2. Germany was clearing dominating in this game. If you think England could won if Lampards goal counted you clearly dont know much about soccer

  3. germany might not have even scored 4 if lampards goal was allowed, because germany might of let them selfs slip

  4. the score shouldve been- eng 1 ger 0 – and no penalties considering frank lampards goal was off the line

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