17 thoughts on “Sing England – Unofficial England World Cup Football Song for FIFA World Cup 2010

  1. The song that did actually win best England world cup song is called COME ON ENGLAND LETS ALL STAND TOGETHER

  2. loving the horn synths,, phressh.
    have a listen to our song ‘do it for england’

  3. Love the Beat! Brilliant to singalong to in the car. Will be playing it loads with the car windows down during the World Cup. Come on you England!

  4. Brilliant song! The only new real Football Anthem out there, this time round!
    The Video is interesting!!

  5. Great beat. Couldn’t stop body popping. IT; do you know a good chiropractor?
    Seriously – good catchy song. Onwards and upwards!

  6. very catchy…brilliant lyrics should be England and Bournmouth song
    see you at Ascot

  7. Fantastic Ian……Cant get it out of my head….Well done…Really catchy tune and good video. A really feel good tune while watchin the footie.

  8. Great!!!! Eventually…video to go with the great song! Luv it! Will be playing it here in Sweden. Can´t get the tune out of my head!…”England, England”….Good luck to them & good luck to YOU!!! xxxx

  9. Top song, catchy vibe about it - will certainly be playing it in “The George & Dragon” our local pub in the USA!!! Yep, this tune by IT is definately IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!! WAY TO GO……..

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