25 thoughts on “Shout – England’s World Cup 2010 Song – Dizzee Rascal and James Corden [HQ]

  1. comments left by germans on the Because I Love You England video have been reported. Thanks to our friends in Malta and Greece these comments have not been allowed to go unpunnished. You have very sick people living in your german country. I would go as far as saying that germans have never really stopped being nazis. Now they are able to repress it and also your armed forces is weak next to ours so you have no choice but to keep your nazi thoughts inside of you but it isnt easy

    fucking ripped Disturbed tbf, you’re a bunch of wannabe gollywogs!
    fucking show you! ARGH…
    Peace out.,
    Btw England are shit.

  3. Bye, bye Engayland! Germany bet you once again. We play football. You play kick and rush as the kaiser said. Sieg!

  4. you English got shutup by Germany. Haha… you got the shit end of the decision this time.

  5. i blame the manager, all our good players wernt in the right positions. WE WILL DO BETTER NEXT TIME 😀

  6. acutally i am not a football fan at all but i have attended that game Germany Vs England yesterday, if you are looking for me i am wearing a white jersey ^_^

  7. Nice song, its different from the usual football songs, but england gonna get wacked 2morrow, no offence, England can beat the germans, but they havent got the right mentality, formation or the extra u need against top notch sides, espeacilly as joe coles not gonna start, wayne rooneys been queit so far and u cant rely on gerrard all the time.

  8. the song that won best England world cup song is called COME ON ENGLAND LETS ALL STAND TOGETHER. I like this more man

  9. i hate james corden but this song is such a tune ^^^ I think Thumbs up for england to win the world cup!!!

  10. We watched the england match in school on friday. All the lads were singin this but the lasses just giggled lol they werent bovad BUT I AM ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333

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