25 thoughts on “What are England’s Euro 2012 Chances?

  1. Haha we were poor against the italians, but my prediction was right! We couldn’t have hoped for more, and would have been beaten by the Germans.

  2. English don’t stand a chance next to Italy fucking wankers hope England looses which it will Italy-gayland 2-0

  3. Will England win Euro 2012…..who Knows. Can They….Definately They can. Every fibre in my body says they can and I’m surporting them all the way to do it. And for a Welsh person to say that pretty much seals it. The only downside is having to listen to them harping on about it for the next 50 years.

  4. let’s be realistic england cannot keep the ball for more than 2 passes’ I predict england will not get out of group stages. France to win group and ukraine 2nd’ Yes England have some good young players’ but are players are overrated’ big time’ We just have not got the technical ability to make the difference when it matters’ Like Spain’ Portugal’ france.

  5. in the world cup when all the players ppl keep going on about were available we were an appalling disgraceful joke. this team, whoever they are, will definitely do better.
    at least we arnt relying on hesky and what did lampard ever do for england. gerrard is too slow and rooney is unreliable. ferdinand aint that great- makes too many mistakes. pity wiltshire is missing. downings a workhorse which we need. i think we wont reach the knockouts in reality. russia looked pretty hot.

  6. I wasn’t expecting this response mate haha. I got a little irritated as what you said is a misconception of the English.

    But yeah…let’s just hope we last longer than this video lol

  7. im jk im english too chill out
    anyways lets hope andy carroll starts against france

  8. What makes you think that? The English have accepted immigration unlike no other other nation in the world. Europe and others are far more racist and especially when it comes to football. Don’t be a bigot. Just don’t try to invade or pick a fight with the English and you’ll be ok.

  9. I can’t understand some England fans,for years we complain the old guard/golden generation
    are toss in tournaments and that we should go with youth,Hodgson goes with youth and we still complain,cause Ferdinand hasn’t been picked,and midfield is weaker cause of no Lampard,(lampard and Gerrard in midfield has never worked) and Lampards never played as well for England as he has for Chelsea,although I will say I cant understand why hes picked Kelly,he should take Richards instead

  10. When Roy Hodgson promised to get Liverpool back into Europe I’m pretty sure the board didn’t imagine he meant Euro 2012

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  12. Interesting to hear your opinions. In all honesty, i just can’t predict how far we’ll get. However, this is the first time in so many tournaments where there is no hype and pressure on us winning, even from the media, therefore we have nothing to lose and can go down fighting.

  13. and as for the media, although there was a bit of a hype when England beat Spain and Holland but why would there be, they were the finalists of SA. i don’t think there has been much of a build-up to the Euro’s ‘yet’ i actually believe people are already dismissing England’s chances which may ease the pressure off. i hope this tournament can be a leaning curve for England and Roy and i do believe reaching QF would be a success.

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