England Manager Fears for Young Players with Too Much Money

Gareth Southgate has once again opened up on the touchy subject of wealth in the game.

The England manager claims that too much money at a very young age is starting to spoil many of the players. Footballers are now regarded as celebrities and they start making millions even they are in their teens. In the pursuit of the best young talent, top clubs offer persuade young players in order to shift to an entirely new country and reward them with huge packages. Yet, these top young talents do not turn out as expected and end up playing for lower league clubs.

One of the countries to have been affected by the lack of talent is England. In recent years, this has changed with the current England team possessing some the finest in talent in world football. However, it has not exactly translated into success on the pitch. Southgate is the third manager to lead the England national team in the last two years.

The average wage of a Premier league player is around £ 2.4 million per year. A number of managers have come out in concern of young players, who think that they have achieved their objectives after signing on a new, fat contract.

In recent times, though, Tottenham, Southampton, and Liverpool have started placing limits on the player wages. “If you don’t have that inner drive there’s a danger you’ll never be a top professional. The very best players have that drive and that’s why they get to the top. The concern is for any young player at an academy, who’s not quite made it in the first team, but thinks they have because you get big money for having achieved nothing. If you don’t have that inner drive, there’s a danger you’ll never actually get to be a top professional or be a first-team player,” said Southgate.